Target groups

For language learners

The European Language Portfolio is designed to make the language-learning process more transparent for learners of all ages. It allows them to record all language learning, wherever it takes place, and all experience of using other languages and coming into contact with other cultures.

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For teachers and schools

Teachers can use the European Language Portfolio to help their learners to become more autonomous. Schools can use the European Language Portfolio to develop a whole-school language policy and whole-school approaches to language teaching.

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For decision makers

Linguistic and cultural diversity in classrooms, schools and societies is a reality and is growing – this should not be viewed merely as an obstacle and a problem to be solved but more as an asset and a potential benefit. The ELP is a concrete tool supporting all stakeholders with an interest in good quality education to use and further develop linguistic and cultural competences of pupils, students and adults for the benefit of the whole society.


For employers

As part of Europass, the Language Passport provides a summary of the owner’s proficiency in languages, while the Language Biography and Dossier in the ELP provide employers with a more detailed picture of his or her language and intercultural skills. The European Language Portfolio can also be used in workplace language training.

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For multipliers

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