What is the European Language Portfolio?

The European Language Portfolio is a personal document that has three parts:

A language passport
Here the language learner can summarise his/her linguistic and cultural identity, language qualifications, experience of using different languages and contacts with different cultures.
A language biography
The biography helps the learner to set learning targets, to record and reflect on language learning and on intercultural experiences and regularly assess progress.
A dossier
In this part of the ELP the learner can keep samples of his/her work in the language(s) he/she has learnt or is learning.

 Download an example of a Portfolio:
 Norwegian ELP Model for young learners aged 6 - 12 (6MB)

The European Language Portfolio was developed by the Language Policy Division of the Council of Europe, piloted from 1998 to 2000, and launched in 2001, the European Year of Languages.


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