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The downloadable materials were submitted at the ELP-TT3 project network meeting in Graz, 2010. We would like to thank the participants for their contributions.

The sole responsibility for the content of the documents  included on this section of the website lies with the authors.

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Material: PowerPoint presentation
Language: English
Target Group : Teachers/Learners
Age Group:15-19 year olds
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With the European Language Portfolio a tool has been created that promotes individual learning styles in a wider context in which importance is increasingly placed upon the development of competences, and that allows students to actively participate in the evaluation process. The language portfolio is based around the assessment levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and has a tripartite structure:

  1. Language passport (for assessment purposes)
  2. Language biography (for reflective purposes)
  3. Dossier (for both reflective and assessment purposes)

The acquisition of languages (whether in the classroom or in an extra-curricular context) and of intercultural and cross-border experiences will be accompanied, documented and evaluated from the primary school through to the upper-secondary level. The Electronic Language Portfolio “epos” builds upon this project. It takes advantage of a web-based setting and, as an alternative tool for learning, teaching, evaluation and educational policy has a huge potential for instigating reform.




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