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The downloadable materials were submitted at the ELP-TT3 network meeting in Graz, 2010. We would like to thank the participants for their contributions.

The sole responsibility for the content of the documents  included on this  section of the website lies with the authors.

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The website application of ELP is a tool for self-evaluation in language learning. It can be used by anyone who learns and studies foreign languages. There is a special section for teachers that enables an interactive communication between teachers and their pupils or students. The chosen language descriptors are illustrated by model exercises of given CEFR levels. The whole application is provided in 4 languages: Czech, English, German and French.

Target group: Pupils (age group 0-19), students (age group 19+), teachers, teacher trainers
Language: Czech, English, German, French
Type of material: website application
Authors: Krajské centrum vzdělávání a Jazyková škola s právem státní jazykové zkoušky, Plzeň (KCVJS), Národní ústav pro vzdělávání (NÚV)
Contact: michala.cicvakova@nuv.cz 
URL(s): http://ejp.rvp.cz


The publication deals with the main principles of the European Language Portfolio and methods for working with this self-evaluation tool during school lessons. The publication is a detailed guide to the website application of the European Language Portfolio as well. The publication provides teachers of foreign languages with deeper insight into the theoretical basis of the autonomous learning concept, learner’s motivation, intercultural competence and learning strategies. 

Target group: Teachers and teacher trainers, ELP users
Language: Czech
Type of material: Publication (download from the www.rvp.cz website as a pdf file).
Title: The European Language Portfolio in the Practice. Prague, 2012.
Authors: Alice Brychová, Věra Janíková and Kamila Sladkovská
Contact: kamila.sladkovska@nuv.cz 
URL(s): www.evropskejazykoveportfolio.cz, www.rvp.cz  (download)


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