Useful links


  • Austrian Centre for Language Competence
    (Österreichisches Sprachen-Kompetenz-Zentrum, ÖSZ) (German)
    The Austrian Centre for Language Competence is an institution dedicated to promoting innovation in language learning. The series of Austrian ELPs has been developed and implemented by the centre. Among others, the (German) website contains the following ELP-related sections:
    New Austrian ELP website (ÖSZ) with information and materials for learners and teachers. (German)
  • Sprachen lernen mit dem ESP (German)
    Austrian ELP-website (webmaster Margarete Nezbeda) with basic information on the Austrian ELP project and links to ELP websites.

Czech Republic

  • (Czech, English, German, French, Spanish)
    The Czech website application with the ELP tool.
  • (Czech)
    The biggest Czech school Portal whose part is the ELP tool. The publication „European Language Portfolio in Practice“, which is a detailed guide to the website application of the European Language Portfolio, is available on this Portal.



  • Integrate Ireland Language and Training (IILT) (English)
    NCCA website „IILT was established to meet the language and training needs of children and adults from very diverse cultural and educational backgrounds who need language skills and information to live and work in their adopted country. Prior to its closure in 2008 the organisation published a range of documents to help Language Support Teachers in both Primary and Post-primary schools.“ (English Language Proficiency Benchmarks, tests, teaching materials, Irish primary and post-primary ELPs…).
  • English Language Support Programme
    Trinity Immigration Initiative (English). „This website has been designed for use in post-primary schools by learning support, language support and mainstream subject teachers, and their students. The resources and activities have been designed to help all students access post-primary curriculum subjects, both junior and senior cycles. There are also resources to help teachers prepare their students for public examination.“ (Learning materials for levels A1-B1).



  • Swiss ELP-website (German, English, French, Italian and Rhaeto-Romanic)
    The official Swiss ELP-website features information on the European Language Portfolio in general, on the Swiss ELP-project and the Swiss ELPs in particular and offers numerous links to relevant ELP sites.
  • ELP Background-Documentation, University Fribourg, Switzerland (English).
    The online ELP documentation of the University of Fribourg, Switzerland, lists references and ELP links related to the Council of Europe and the Swiss ELP project.



  • LinguaFolio (English)
    US Language Portfolio project of the National Council of State Supervisors for Languages (NCSSL). LinguaFolio consists of three parts: Language Passport, Language Biography, Dossier, which can be downloaded from the website.

International ELP projects

    European Language Portfolio for the Blind and Visually Impaired (English).
    The electronic European Language Portfolio for the Blind and Visually Impaired (ELPBVI) is addressed to the visually impaired adult users (16+). The ELPBVI adopts principles outlined in the CEFR and at the same time considers the specific needs of target learners in terms of content and navigation.
  • ActivELP
    Mentors Activate European Language Portfolio through Multimedia (9 different languages).
    Project website with information on the ELP, activities and links to ELP websites and publications.
  • EuroIntegrELP
    Equal Chances to European Integration through the use of the European Language Portfolio
    Project website with numerous downloads (EAQUALS ALTE ELP) and materials for various target groups in different languages.

Last access 09/2011